Welcome to the E-Factor Small Business Impact survey 2019 from peak b ltd

Small businesses play a critical role in local communities, over and above financial performance. E-Factor focuses on helping businesses achieve the success they are after and understands that thriving businesses lead to thriving communities, and the same in return.

In order to understand, measure and encourage the role of businesses in the N.E. Lincolnshire communities, E-Factor are working with peak b to conduct research in early 2019. This research will inform a report to be issued in April 2019 into the impact of small businesses locally.

All answers to this survey will be kept strictly confidential and only used in aggregate form to inform the resulting report. All contact details will be kept confidential and not retained by E-Factor or peak b without express permission. No contact information will be shared outside E-Factor or peak b. If you feel that you have more to add to the answers, and are keen to discuss this with us, please do fill in the box at the end of the survey with your contact details and we will follow up.

We understand that small businesses are incredibly busy and time poor, so we hugely appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey. Your participation will help to highlight the importance of small businesses to the UK.

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