peak b is the campaigning organisation for small business

peak b runs national campaigns to work with, support and engage with small businesses across the UK

With deep knowledge and access into the small business sector, peak b are the acknowledged experts into all things small

If you want to understand, engage with or help to support the UK's 5.6 million small businesses, then do get in touch at [email protected]

Small businesses play a critical role in communities, over and above financial performance. Following on from the first two reports of 2019 to understand the role of businesses in the community, peak b has looked into the immense value small businesses generate through their business practices. The Business Community Value report looks at how small businesses deliver value through people, local organisations and to health and the environment.

The 2019 Small Business Opportunity Creators report looks at how and why small businesses create opportunities, and importantly how that positive activity can be passed on, encouraged and taught.

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peak b can help you with:

  • Campaign Development
  • Campaign Delivery
  • Small Business Research and Insights
  • Small Business and Campaigns Advisory Consulting