For the second year, peak b has run extensive research, with the support of Indeed and TSB, into the small business sector, with this the second of three reports for 2019.

As with the Small Business Community Impact report of 2018, we continue to see a consistent message from small businesses: that people, community, values and Good Work are not just nice to have, but paramount to the success and longevity of the small business sector.

Focusing on a broad set of goals, small businesses are weathering the current political maelstrom and local economic challenges by honing in on what is really important to them: creating a living, creating stability for staff, making sure that work is meaningful and flexible.

Overall, it is a hugely positive picture for communities to be taken from small business feedback for the 2019 Small Business Community Impact research. Businesses are more focused on community and people, they are keen to work together and they are realising the benefits to their local network.

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With thanks to TSB and Indeed for supporting this research: